Hello World!

It’s been an amazing number of times I have typed ‘Hello World!’, pushed enter, and waited with bated breath for a bit of code to load and prove that I knew what I was doing.

It’s been a long and winding road toward discovering that I loved design and development as much as I do. I had an inkling many years ago while working as a Creative Project Manager for a global webshop when I would tinker around with a prototype or go in and fix code that was broken, however, my career path took me different routes to an enterprise-level search advertising job with a Seattle, WA based search engine. I hit the job market almost 3 years ago with a lot of experience but no degree, the job market was not kind and I found myself back in school making a decision on what can I do to bring more to the table.

I realized that my years of working as a creative project manager were my happiest in terms of function and day to day job task enjoyment, but, my biggest struggle there was not knowing how to code. Long story short – I put myself back into a full-time school world by starting a Web Development Associates-Science degree at Seattle Central College. I now know how to code and found that I really like it and found absolutely love the psychology of design.

Two years later I have received a scholarship, was selected as a featured scholar of merit to raise scholarships for the college (more than $500,000!), started a mentoring program in association with PointB, and graduated with honors!

I am now looking for just the right Project Manager position, one that will take my past skills as a PM and blend in my new knowledge in coding and making things work.

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