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My paintings are about symbiosis, our relationship to each other and our Autonomy among this Wilderness of the mind that I call Nebulon. When we conjure each other and disappear into a flow state where do we go? I call this place Nebulon.

It's a place of ecstatic Bliss and lightheartedness of being, where sky and ocean breathe into each other without thought. A place to play with darkness lurking in the corners.

They are about the vibration of red and blue and expression in the application of the paint. They are impressionistic. They are compulsive and paint themselves at best. They are tactile and move over hand constructed wood panels at varying heights to convey the movement and multiple portals of this world.

Mezzanine Beecomb

original painting by Mezza9
original painting drip nectar by mezza9
original painting how cotton candy is made by mezza9
mezzanine in her studio

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